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Among Us is a social deception game which can be downloaded for free on Android and iOs, or to purchase for use on a PC. It can be played with a group of between 4 and 10 players either online by joining a game with strangers, or players can host or join games with friends. Shop among us merch here.

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How does Among Us work?

The reason of the game is basic – players are given the job of either a crewmate or a sham. The crewmates should finish a rundown of assignments on a spaceship to prepare it for flight. A few errands, for example, ‘Clean O2 Filter’ rush to finish, while others, for example, ‘Fix Weather Node’ require numerous means. Be that as it may, the game has no less than one fraud who is attempting to undermine the boat and kill all the team.

As the game proceeds with the faker sabotages and begins to kill individuals from the group. The game is stopped when a body is found or to assemble a crisis conference to examine who the faker may be and why. Players will have been focusing on the conduct of others in the game to attempt to sort out who the sham on the boat is. During the conversation players will decide in favor of who they believe was acting dubiously to the point of being the faker. On the off chance that a player gets an adequate number of votes they will be launched out from the game, and regardless of whether they were a crewmate, or a fraud will be uncovered.

To dominate the match the crewmates should finish every one of the responsibilities or find the faker. The fraud will win assuming they can keep away from recognition and kill off the entire team.

Why do children like Among Us?

Albeit the game was delivered in 2018, it has seen a gigantic flood in prominence in the final part of 2020. The application arrived at the highest point of the Google Play and App Store graphs, and has become well known with gamers who use administrations like Twitch and Discord.

The game is speedy and simple to play. With in-game talk, collaboration included, and the office to set up private games with companions, numerous players are drawn in by the social part of Among Us. Players need to utilize their correspondence, cooperation and observational abilities to dominate the match. The fervor for the fraud is to keep away from recognition.