Everything coming to Among Us Merch in 2022

Everything coming to Among Us Merch in 2022

Among Us has been probably gaming’s greatest hit since it arrived at the public eye. Its remarkable image of tabletop game-like conversation and quiet manipulating has been a triumphant mix for scores of gamers all over the planet. It helps that the game is on pretty much every possible stage, including cell phones, making it simple to kill your companions regardless of where you are.

While the game has been out for quite a long while at this point, the group at Innersloth gives no indications of dialing back. Local area chief Victoria Tran shared a news post on the organization’s site recently that point by point everything coming to Among Us Merch in 2022.

Here’s what to expect from the megahit title later this year.

What’s already here

The Among Us Merch 2022 guide begins with ongoing updates to the game, in particular the expansion of new jobs, Cosmicubes, and backing for 15 players. The new jobs for Crewmates incorporate the Engineer, who can utilize vents very much like the Impostor, the Guardian Angel, who can safeguard other Crewmates who are as yet bursting at the seams with a safeguard, and the Scientist, who can see vitals whenever. There’s additionally another job for Impostors called Shapeshifter, which permits them to change into some other Crewmate as a camouflage.

The Cosmicube framework is a stretching unlockables framework that permits players to get new surface level things as they play the game. Some Cosmicubes are free, while others are accessible for buy with genuine cash. The group has emerged with a few assortments of Cosmicubes from that point forward, including an Arcane-themed Cosmicube and an assortment of occasion themed Cosmicubes.

What’s coming soon

In the wake of recapping what’s now been delivered over the most recent couple of months, the Among Us guide flaunts includes that are not far off. Fans have been mentioning an in-game companions list for some time and Innersloth guarantees that it will show up soon. Players will actually want to add companions from each round that they play and stay in contact with one another.
This segment of the guide likewise incorporates different personal satisfaction refreshes, including simpler record creation, Cosmicube recovery, and talk decision. Also, Innersloth will make upgrades to the game’s UX, or client experience, determined to have a more clear stream among the game’s cycles in general.

A small bunch of different highlights are coming to the game and its local area soon. Fans can now pre-request Among Us Nendoroid figures and buy plushies and new merchandise on the authority Innersloth store. In April, the game will get a single shot manga include in the Japanese magazine Bessatsu Corocoro.

What’s down the road

Other than displaying what’s soon, the Among Us guide likewise gives a sneak look of what’s approaching later on this year. While there aren’t many insights concerning these elements yet, they’re affirmed plans for the game.

The Innersloth group intends to add more jobs and more Cosmicubes to the game, giving players more choices on how they deck out their Crewmate or Impostor and causing each round to feel exceptional and new. There are likewise more collabs in progress, as well as another find the stowaway game mode that players will approach. However, this isn’t even everything. On the guide, Innersloth guarantees that it has considerably more in progress for later on.

At long last, there will be more data given about Among Us VR soon. Meanwhile, there will be new substance updates and shocks sprinkled consistently, which will cause fans and players to remain alert.

Regardless of whether you’re a Crewmate or an Impostor, there’s a lot to come for the universally adored manipulating game.

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